Robert Bean

Book Cover by Design Workshop

Robert grew up on the pulpy pages of comic books, spending the hot and humid Arkansas summers reading stories of heroes and hardships and everything in between. This love of story grew alongside his love of drawing, forming a deep and solid foundation for creative sensibilities to build on. Development of these narrative ideas and a fondness for the figure stayed with him through his studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he received his degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Drawing. Robert has exhibited his visual narratives in exhibitions around the nation, and several of his works are in collections both private and public around the country. Robert currently serves as the Chair of the Painting and Drawing Departments of the Windgate Art School of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, where he helps to design course curriculum and teach drawing and painting. He also teaches figure drawing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Still simmering in the Arkansas summers, Robert lives and works in Little Rock, slinging stories on canvas and paper in his studio.

Saturday, October 22
Roberts Library, Room 124, 1-4pm

October 22, 1 - 4pm, Saturday

Special Events

Book Cover by Design workshop w/ Robert Bean

Artist Robert Bean helps participants learn how text and images work together, why typography matters, and how color affects the viewer’s impression and emotions. Come up with your own imaginary book title, then draw and/or collage your book cover’s image and walk away with your own designed book cover (from a pulp fiction style look to something more modern and streamlined). No art experience required.

Sponsored by the Windgate Foundation

Roberts Library, Room 124, 1- 4pm